Taiyuan Attractions

Yingze Park

It is the largest park in the central city. Jin Merchant Museum, Aquarium, Botanic Garden and a Buddhist Texts Depositary which was built in Ming dynasty are all open to tourists.

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Chongshan Temple

Located in the southeast, it was first named as Bai Ma Temple when it was built in Tang Dynasty. Splendid Buddhist culture heritages are stored.

2.1 kilometers, about 5 minutes' drive

Chunyang Palace

Situated to the northwest corner of Wuyi Square, Chunyang Palace is a Taoist architecture built in Yuan dynasty. It is a 5 courtyard combined both temple and garden style.

1.6 kilometers, about 4 minutes' drive

Twin Pagoda Temple

Built in the mountain top in the southeast, expanding a marvelous temple facing the Fin River. The stone pagodas, the ancient temple and the peony garden all make it is the symbol of Taiyuan. 

4.4 kilometers, about 10 minutes' drive

Jin Memorial Temple 

Founded over 1400 years ago, the Jin Memorial Temple is a well preserved congregation of architectural relics including pavilions, bridges, gardens, sculptures and carving fine arts.

2k9.9 kilometers, about 34 minutes' drive

Mount Dragon Grottoes

Mount Dragon is famous for both its scenery and Taoist grottoes. The well preserved Yuan dynasty grottoes are the most significant Taoist grottoes among China's few valuable ones preserved today.

36 kilometers, about 59 minutes' drive

Mount Meng Buddha

Mount Meng Buddha, carved in the Northern Qi Dynasty, is a huge Buddha figure carved on the cliff. The Buddha is also consecrated in the Kaihua Temple on the mountain. Many emperors and Empress Wu Zetian of Tang dynasty all had come to respect Buddha.

21.5 kilometers, about 34 minutes' drive

Shanxi Museum

Shanxi Museum has a long history since 1919. the newly built modern museum is located on the west bank of Fin river. Among the 400 thousand collections, the bronze ware, jade ware, sculptures and frescos are especially features Shanxi's traditional culture.

10.8 kilometers, about 18 minutes' drive

Yungang Grottoes

It is one of the four Great Grottoes in China and has a history of more than 1500 years. The Grottoes owns 53 different sized grottoes and more than 51000 Buddha sculptures. 13.75 meters’ seating Sakyamuni statue is regarded as the masterpiece of Yungang Grottoes.

298.6 kilometers, about 4 hours and 12  minutes' drive

Pingyao Ancient City

Located in the middle Shanxi, Ping Yao ancient city owns a glorious history of more than 2700 years. Its traffic venation is composed by four streets, eight side streets and seventy-two lanes. the world famous first draft bank – Ri Sheng Chang - is situated in the West Street, which is praised to be the CBD of Qing Dynasty.

110.9 kilometers, about 1 hour and 38  minutes' drive

Qiao’s Courtyard

Located in Qi County in Shanxi Province, It was built in Qianlong Period in Qing Dynasty. Looking from above, the Qiao Compound is in the shape of a happy Chinese character, which means happiness and luck. The exquisite design make the courtyard unrivalled. It is said that “the most famous royal palace is the Forbidden City and the most famous traditional folk house is the Qiao’s Courtyard”.

81.8 kilometers, about 1 hour and 15  minutes' drive

Mount Wutai

Located in the Northeast Shanxi, it has continuous ridges and peaks. Mount Wutai is one of the four major Buddhist mountains in China and the top summer resort. It was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2009. Approved to be one of the state-level scenic spots by State Council in 1982. It has won many laurels for its sacred Buddhist culture and glamorous scenery.

222 kilometers, about 3 hours and 32  minutes' drive

Hukou Waterfalls

It is the only Yellow Waterfall on earth. The river narrows and cascades into a stone pond 30 meters below, creating the famous Hukou Waterfalls. The water rushed forward till it cascades over the waterfall, forming an illusion of water being poured from a kettle, hence its name "Hukou or Kettle spout". The yellow water plunged down, the pounding against the stones echoes like thunder.

385.6 kilometers, about 5 hours and 42  minutes' drive







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